Odoo Integration

“Integration is done to make all other task to a single screen as a most viable solution”

Why do you want to integrate with Odoo?

No one wants collections. Simple interface improves productivity and focus. This is also true in the case of the Odoo ERP solution. There are many cases when the employee must juggle with three or more screens to perform a simple task. The most viable solution would be to integrate all the fields into one screen and that can only be done by Odoo customization.

Other than Odoo apps,


  • Some of the other apps for you are unavoidable.
  • You have been using those apps for ages and you do want to suddenly start using something else.
  • You do not want to import and export data every time you want data from these apps in your Odoo.

So in case your business is already using some of these world known business applications and want us to Integrate with Odoo. Odoo  ERP Integration with these Applications does make it possible for you as well.

Some of our successful Integrations

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