Odoo Implementation

“Grow your business with multi-faceted Odoo ERP Implementation”

Odoo Implementation is the service of implementing Odoo ERP, which is a complete suite of open-source enterprise management applications. Targeting companies of all sizes, the application suite includes odoo modules and Odoo Apps like Sales-Purchase Management, Accounting, Bills of materials, Warehouses Management and almost all running operations.

Odoo Implementation is no doubt the best complete open-source ERP implementation software services available in the market today. With more than 2 million users already using the services and 3000 Odoo Apps and various different Odoo Modules it has been as rightly being said the fastest growing ERP software.

Odoo Apps and Odoo Modules


Track your leads, schedule meetings, convert to opportunities; quote your customers in short automate your lead handling process with this customizable CRM Module.

Sales Management

Maintain Customer data; manage sales from leads to opportunity, from scheduling client meetings to receiving reminders, issuing Sales Quotation to generating Sales Order.


Create Invoices automatically from sales order, email invoices to clients in one click, register client payments integration with financial accounting and generate sales reports.


Complete Financial and Analytic Accounting for your organization, Import your Bank Statements and reconcile them. Prepare Payment Orders based on Supplier Invoices.

Point of Sale

Run your stores, Seamless Integration with iPhones, Ipads, Barcode Scanners, Printers, award Loyalty Points to your customers, Perfect solution for Restaurants and Retails Stores.

Voip Integration

Integration with Asterix Software for telephony services, a Click2Dial feature from the customer database, getting the partner/lead/employee corresponding to the calling party in one click.

Employee Management

Create Employee Database, manage your organization’s hierarchy, manage departments and assign access rights, maintain staff attendance, leave and expense management.

Recruitment Management

Customize your Recruitment Process, publish job offers maintain vacancies and job applications, define your own stages and interviewers, Index resumes, track applicants.

Payroll Management

Generate Payslips, set Allowances-Deductions according to staff post, define salary structure, set salary rules, integrated with contracts and holidays and generate reports.

Appraisal Management

Set up periodic Appraisal Plans for your employees, Create Surveys with the Survey Management, Test Surveys before publishing. Track appraisal statuses.

E-Commerce / Website

Build your Websites/E-Commerce Sites fully integrated with ERP, Mobile friendly Responsive designs, Inline Editing features, ready to use SEO configuration.


Integrate your Blog and Marketing Strategies with ERP and E-commerce, Multi Language, Live Chat Integration, Google Analytics integration.

Email Marketing

Mass Mailing, Organize Mailing Campaigns, Define Email Templates, Follow-Ups, Automated Emailing/SMS System, Integration with Odoo Apps.

Event Marketing

Create Events, Organize Events, Seminars, Webinars, Sell tickets on your website, Promote Events with Mass Mailing.

Help Desk

Process Claims, trace your Interventions, add Notes, Prioritised claims.

Manufacturing Apps

Track Work Orders, manage Manufacturing Order, define Raw Materials for your finalized products, manage and schedule bills of Materials with Calendar Integration.

Warehouse Management

Generate Multiple Warehouses, multiple Locations; Maintain Stock at Multiple Locations, full Inventory traceability, Internal Stock Movement, Barcoding/QR-Code integration.

Project Management

Create Project Team, assign Work Tasks, customize Project Milestones, maintain task Status, Invoice staff working hours, Internal Chats, Calendar Integration, Document transfers.

Advantages of implementing an Odoo Solution for your business

Quick Implementation: Odoo provides you with much flexibility that helps Quickly providing a Successful Implementation and the only thing you need is to set the system to work on the guidelines. Integrated Information: All business applications are seamlessly integrated to each other so the flow of Information has never been so smooth; ultimately it saves you from Data Duplicates. Increased Efficiency: As there is no Data Duplicacy and real-time flow of information, there is a sure shot increase in the Staff Efficiency. The system will also streamline business processes & functionality and makes it easier and more efficient for companies to collect data. 360 Degree Odoo Reports: Provides reports in PDFs, Excel/CSV or Visually beautiful Dashboard Reports, with Odoo’s Dynamic Reporting System. Now you can have reported for almost any operation in the system with a Dynamic Dashboard system. Low-cost Implementation: Being an Opensource Solution you do not need to pay hefty concurrent License Fee.
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